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jesse pinkman

Dear Blue Christmeth Dealer

Dear Blue Christmeth Dealer,

Hooray, I'm so excited to see whatever you make for me!

First of all, my internet name is different everywhere because I'm annoying like that, so yes, this is heyjupiter from AO3.

With my prompts, I tried to give specific ideas because I know some people prefer to have something specific to start from. (I'm one of them!) But if you feel stifled by my prompts just, broadly, pretty much anything involving any of the characters I requested will probably make me happy! I will say that don't really ship any non-canon ships on Breaking Bad, which I guess should be clear from my prompts, so write anything you want about Jesse and Mike, but please, nothing about them boning (or that implies that they have boned, or want to bone, or whatever).

Also, I found Jesse's time with the neo-Nazis to be extremely upsetting (... obviously) and if you write about Jesse, I would prefer nothing focused on that. I'm not necessarily asking for fluff but I'd prefer something slightly less than Nazi Pit level of bleakness, at least.

I mentioned my love of crossovers, and I did legit write a Breaking Bad/Community crossover where Jesse escapes to Greendale Community College and finds out that Mike is there undercover?? (As Professor Hickey, Jonathan Banks' character.) If that appeals to you please feel free to write anything more about Jesse and Mike at Greendale. (Or draw them!) If that does not appeal to you: it's okay, I get it, it's kinda weird!

If you are an artist, I really like cute things? Or whatever. I have no artistic talent myself and will be 100% impressed by any art you come up with. Oh, and I love Hello Kitty and I loved Jesse's Hello Kitty phone, so feel free to use that information as you will.

Thank you! Have fun!